Fire in St. Patrick’s Co-Cathedral

On July 1st, shortly after midnight, a fire started at St. Patrick’s Co-Cathedral in Yellowknife.

Thanks to good neighbours, the smoke from the fire was quickly spotted and the fire department responded and were able to contain the fire to a small area of the church. The office of the Yellowknife Fire Marshal were on the scene and police are investigating. The Fire Marshal’s office are calling the fire attempted arson. For more details about the fire it is recommended to contact the fire department or the RCMP.

The faith community of St. Patrick’s are being informed of the damage to their church and will no doubt be very saddened by the news. The tentative plan for weekend Masses is that they will take place outdoors, weather permitting, in the parking lot of the church.

We are fully aware that this fire is one of many similar events that have taken place across Canada so we simply ask people to pray for peace.