Taking a Little Break

Thank you for taking the time to read my daily reflections and to those of you who have continued to tune in to our Sunday Mass live-streamed on the diocesan Facebook page.

With just a few weeks left in our short northern summer I am going to be doing some traveling for work and vacation. Internet will not be guaranteed and it would be good for me to get away from the computer for a bit anyway. So, effective today, I am going to be taking a short break from the writing and the live-streaming and wanted to let you know that I am not disappearing for good but will be coming back to it in September.

Daily reflections will resume on Sunday, September 6 and due to the isolation protocol that I will have to follow on my return, the live-stream Mass will continue on Sunday, September 27.

May the remainder of your summer be blessed and may you be safe and well as you prepare your families to return to work and school.



15 thoughts on “Taking a Little Break

  1. You definitely deserve a break and God bless and refresh your mind, body and spirit. Thank you for your practical and inspiring homilies. Claire Novecosky osu

  2. Have a good break, I really look forward to your daily reflections and sharing .
    Carol White

  3. Thanks so very much for the heads up about Sunday and weekday masses. Hope you have a good work/vacation and return renewed in spirit, mind and body for all the challenges ahead in the diocese.

  4. Thank you so much for all the work that you do – it makes a big difference in my life! Please take care and stay safe and have a wonderful holiday!

  5. Enjoy your break away from all the challenges of today’s world. Will look forward to your return.

  6. Bishop Jon, thank you for your information. God Bless, be safe, enjoy your journey and hope you will be renewed and refreshed in mind and body upon your return.

  7. So grateful for your live streamed masses and daily reflections! Enjoy your travels. Wishing you a relaxing break with many blessings.

  8. Dear Bishop Jon.
    Wishing you a relaxing and rejuvenating, well deserved break. Many Blessings. Ann and Dan

  9. Thanks so much Bishop Jon for your daily dedication.
    Enjoy your well deserved break.
    Looking forward to September.

    Ann Fantin

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